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Implant replacement


Implant replacement

Silicone implants, like all inert material, have a lifespan. Nothing lasts forever and the breast implants are no exception. Every breast implant patient should visit their surgeon at least once a year to check that the implants are in perfect condition (no ruptures, contractures or seroma). It is complete erroneous to say that breast implants need to be changed every 10 years. However they should be replaced if they present any problems.

During the preoperative visits, our patients are informed as to the possible complications which may arise from the wearing of breast implants. A year after the operation, all our patients are submitted to yearly check up to ensure no problems exist as far as their implants are concerned.
As Drs. Monge and Roca both work in the public health sector as well as in the private sector, they posses a great deal of experience in assessing patients with problematic implants, who have not received information or correct postoperative care by their surgeons.

The national health program does not cover replacement of problematic implants, only the removal of broken ones. At MR Plastic Surgery we are especially sympathetic to this group of patients as we realize the psychological and financial problems they may face.

Silicone implants are the most frequently used in this type of surgery but other options should be considered in the event of recurring problems such as capsular contracture. Drs. Monge and Roca are very experienced in the use of fat grafting (see autologous lipofilling) and polyurethane breast implants.

If your breast implants are damaged, you should make a decision without further delay as this could lead to health problems. We welcome the opportunity to advise you and find a satisfactory solution to your problem.

Si se encuentra en la situación de ser portadora de unos implantes mamarios rotos, no debería dejar pasar el tiempo sin tomar una decisión. Las complicaciones para su salud pueden ser aún peor. No dude en pedir visita con nosotros para valorar las opciones y comprobar que la solución no es tan difícil como parece.