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Tuberous breast


Tuberous breast

A tuberous breast shaped breast is the result of anomalous breast growth. This is characterized by a conical, rather than rounded shape, an overlarge separation between the breasts and a lack of growth or development basically in the lower part of the breast.

Furthermore, as this type of breast only develops at the central portion, the aureolas are usually overlarge and dilated. The breasts are frequently very asymmetric.
This type of breast can be detected in puberty. Although the patient’s development continues, breast growth stops.

Surgical correction of a tuberous breast is performed in an operating theatre under general anaesthesia. The operation takes two hours. A preoperative diagnosis is therefore essential.
In order to correct this anomaly an anatomically shaped prosthesis must be implanted together with redistribution of the breast tissue and reduction of the size of the areolas.

At MR Plastic Surgery we have great experience in the treatment of this type of problem. Although silicone implants are often necessary, we prefer when is possible to use the patient’s own fatty tissue to give increased volume to the breast after surgical remodeling. The use of fatty tissue results in more natural looking breasts and any problems associated with breast implants are avoided.

Although this surgery is more complex than a simple breast enlargement, it is not necessary painful. Depending on their professional activity, a patient may return to work within a few days. Assessment of the end results will vary according to the surgical technique involved.