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Gynecomastia is a condition whereby the male breast tissue undergoes abnormal growth. The term means literally “woman breast”. This tissue enlargement usually occurs during periods of male hormonal changes, such as in childhood, adolescence and old age. The purpose of gynecomastia surgery is the removal of the mammary gland and excess fatty tissue from the chest area in order to obtain a normal male chest. This is done by the use of different techniques in one surgery, for example, liposuction, subcutaneous mastectomy, and mastopexia if necessary. All possible effort is made to minimize incisions and resulting scars. After an initial assessment and consultation with the patient, the most suitable technique is decided upon. Surgery is carried out in hospital under general anaesthesia and the patient is discharged within 24 hours.

Normal activity can be resumed within a few days providing the physical effort involved in not excessive. We do not recommend intense physical activity until a month has elapsed since the surgery. During this period the patient will be required to wear a chest support girdle.
An initial assessment of the results can be made after the first month but the final results can only be seen after a period of six months.