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Rhinoplasty is the surgery used to correct the shape of the nose. It basically consists in modifying bone and cartilage structures in the nose to achieve a new shape that improves facial harmony. If deviation of the nasal septum is also corrected to improve breathing, the procedure is called rhinoseptoplasty.
This surgery lasts roughly one hour and is usually performed under general anesthesia. There is no external scarring. During recovery, a splint or packing will likely be placed inside the nose and a splint or bandages placed on the outside to support and protect the new structures during first few days. Most patients can resume normal activity in eight to ten days. While initial bruising and swelling subsides within a few weeks, it may take up to a year for the new nasal contour to fully refine.
The aim is to achieve a discreet new nose shape, which adapts to the face, thus obtaining facial balance and correct proportion.