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MR Plastic Surgery have very clear that the surgeon-patient relationship is not a commercial act, but a medical procedure that has to be managed by specialized professionals at all times.
From the first visit our patients will be assessed by Monge and Roca doctors, without the intermediation of business that can stand in the personalized study of each patient.
The development of each budget is individually adapted to the wishes and needs of each patient. We are against “offer” our treatments on the Internet or by email. It is always necessary to see the patient to understand their expectations and adapt the budget.
Our budgets include assessing and monitoring consultations, preoperative study and all hospital expenses. The safety of operating in a prestigious health center offers our patients the peace of mind to get in good hands. Plastic surgery complications are rare, but when they pass you need to close the surgeon and have all the necessary resources that do not offer smaller clinics.
Our behavior usually advise our patients to visit other surgeons to exchange opinions while ask the question; Why in some centers the same surgery is so cheap? On health issues you can not skimp on expenses relating to safety. “Cheap is expensive”.
MR Plastic Surgery we adapt so that the patient can fulfill their dreams without the cost of such an impediment or concern.